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Some scanlations of Nasuverse character materials that I translated and typeset. If you want a certain scan but can't see or find it, comment and provide a link to a good scan of the picture. 

First Page of Sola's design

Second Page of Sola's design

First Page of Kayneth's design

Second Page of Kayneth's design

Misc Notes

First Page of Tokiomi's design

Second Page of Tokiomi's design

First Page of Kariya's Design

Second Page of Kariya's Design

First Page of Aoi's Design

Second Page of Aoi's Design

First Page of Kiritsugu's Design

Second Page of Kiritsugu's Design

First Page of Irisviel's Design

Second Page of Irisviel's Design

Third Page of Irisviel's Design

Fourth Page of Irisviel's Design

First Page of Lancer's Design

Second Page of Lancer's Design

Third Page of Lancer's Design

Fourth Page of Lancer's Design

First Page of Ryuunosuke's Design

Second Page of Ryuunosuke's Design

First Page of Caster's Design

Second Page of Caster's Design

Third Page of Caster's Design

Fourth Page of Caster's Design

First Page of Rider's Design

Second Page of Rider's Design

Third Page of Rider's Design

Fourth Page of Rider's Design

First Page of Waver's Design

Second Page of Waver's Design

First Page of Maiya's Design

Second Page of Maiya's Design

First Page of Assassin's Design

Second Page of Assassin's Design

First Page of Risei's Design

Second Page of Risei's Design

First Page of Berserker's Design

Second Page of Berserker's Design

Third Page of Berserker's Design

Fourth Page of Berserker's Design

Argon Coin (FSN Caster's Noble Phantasm. He's actually a specialized familiar)


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